Weedless Tips

Properly tuned, the weedless hooks on Little Action Mac Lures are very effective. Untuned hooks catch more weeds and fewer fish.

Tune your weedless hooks. The light wire weedguard gets easily bent, so check it before making your first cast. Check it again after every fish and after the lure has been “bumping around” awhile. 

     Option 1:  The loop of the light wire weedguard that touches the hook should fall about halfway between the hook point and the barb. When the weedguard loop is too near the point, it will release too easily when you hit weeds, wood or rocks and you will find yourself snagging up and dragging in weeds. When the loop is too near the barb, the guard will catch on the barb and not release when a fish strikes, preventing a hook-up. Artistic abilities aside, the diagram below will give you an idea of how this should look. 

To tune the weedguard, bend the wire a little so it is centered between the point and the barb—you can use your forceps, needles nosed pliers or fingers. Check your lure when it first comes out of the package; again after each fish; and after it’s been bumping around a while. Remember, too close to the point, more weeds---too close to the barb, fewer fish. 

     Option 2:  Fishing Hall of Famer Al Lindner commented to us once that he prefers to cut the weed guard tip resulting in 2 wires instead of a single looped wire. He then spreads the wires so there is one wire on each side of the hook and a little in front of the point.  The diagram should give you an idea of what this would look like. As with the looped wire (option 1), you will want to adjust the wires after each fish and after the lure has bumped around for a while so they are positioned to keep the weeds off.

Enjoy your Little Action Mac weedless lures and remember to check your knots often.

A Little Action Mac Training Note