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Walk the banks of your favorite stream or lake or pry the waters from your boat, you will find Little Action Mac to be the most flexible lure in your tackle box.  You can use a split shot or two to add a little weight, use a slip sinker if you are fishing deeper, use a bottom bouncer to get even deeper, or fish them naked with no additional weight at all.  You can fish them slow or fast, twitch them or even buzz them along the surface and that corkscrew action contiues to be an attention getter.
Whether you are buying these to up your bass tournament catches, adding them to your tackle box for a weekend fishing trip or buying them as a special gift for a friend, you will find them consistently effective.

#1 Best Seller for over 35 years--6" Blue Purple/Fire Tail
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Check out the lures that have been catching bass, walleye, panfish and many other fresh and saltwater fish for over 25 years. 

See the video.  We demo the 6" regular with an aquarium water pump.  See it at: 

LITTLE ACTION MAC lures have been proving they are the ideal soft plastic baits for bass, walleye, panfish and many other fresh and saltwater fish for over 35 years. LITTLE ACTION MAC lures have been winning tournaments for bass fishing professionals and and putting fun into fishing for young and old alike.  They have been featured on TV programs like In-Fisherman and on the radio and in articles by writers like Mike Jackson, Jim Crowley, Chauncey Noziol, Mike Norris and Spence Petros.  Why?  Because they catch fish--lots of fish--consistently. 


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